Linux on the Microsoft XBox


Because its your machine

By Aaron Grothe

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Caveat Emptor - Let the buyer beware

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Speaker Info

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Why run Linux on an Xbox?


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Why I did my Xbox?

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Xbox Specs

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A Bit of Xbox on Linux History

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3 Major Methods to Get Linux onto your Xbox

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Software install

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Software install Pro/Con


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Software install Pro/Con


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Soft/Hard install

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Soft/Hard install Pro/Con


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Soft/Hard install Pro/Con


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Mod Chips

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Open Source Mod Chips

There was a company that offered the plans for their mod
chips under the GPL, the name of the company was Hibana and
they offered their mod chips at
(not a working link). I'd like to find a copy of this if anybody
finds it while spellunking (it is not archived at

It might be cool to throw up at Sourceforge or Yahoo Groups.

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Mod Chips Pro/Con


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Mod Chips Pro/Con


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What do you need for the software install

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Mechassault Info

There are TWO versions of Mechassault
Check the Laser Etching on the back of the DVD to make sure you have the right version

Buy used if possible

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Creating a USB memory stick with save game

Easier to find somebody and get it on an Xbox memory card

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Notes on CD-RW and CD-Rs

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Versions of Xbox

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Xbox version 1.6 version warning

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Linux distributions for the Xbox

Needs a version of DSL on it :-)

64Mb = !KNOPPIX - Xebian can run as a Live CD

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Steps to installing

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Steps to installing (cont)

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Cool mods to do to your Xbox

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3 Cool Things Xbox needs

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ISBN 1593270291

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What the future holds for Xbox & Linux

Sound like a Nintendo Gamecube to anyone?

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Other Linux variants on Consoles

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If anybody wants to buy an Xbox memory card and loan it to me I'm willing to load the Mechassault save games onto it for you.

It is easier than doing the USB memory stick trick.

Please check with me via e-mail to make sure I don't have my machine borked at the time

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Contacting me:

ajgrothe at

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